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We restore classic vehicles and share them with the world.

Our Vehicles

Timeless Vehicles, Unforgettable Memories

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1969 Ford Mustang Convertible

$300 per day (self drive)

This wonderful 1969 mustang convertible is the picture of southern California. It has been beautifully restored but it retains the character iconic to its vintage. It runs very well and looks great with a subtle jade green metallic paint, black walnut accents and black interior. Power brakes and convertible top add to convenience while the original manual steering has the feel of a traditional muscle car. If you want a car that captures the true spirit of classic American adventure, then this is the one for you.


1934 Rolls Royce

$350 per hour  (with driver)

This amazing vehicle is a living piece of history that beautifully showcases the care and craftsmanship of luxury vehicles from the 1930s. For more than 80 years this car has been lovingly maintained in its original condition with the body, paint, engine, and interior all being the original that came on the car when it was new. This Iconic luxury carriage is the perfect show piece for any wedding photo shoot or special event. 

1969 Cobra Roadster Replica

$450 per day (self drive)

There are many cars out there that people love, but it is objectively true that the late 60's Shelby Cobra roadster is the most awesome of them all. This replica, painstakingly assembled over a four year period, perfectly captures the beauty and power of the legend. Caution: driving this car makes it almost impossible to stop grinning from ear to ear. Park it anywhere and you will see people walk past Ferraris and Lamborghinis to take selfies in front of this beautiful car.

Grey Car
Vintage Cars

1969 Airstream Ambassador: 

Morning Breeze

$300 per day

Are you ready to explore the California Coast in one of the most iconic campers of all time? With its beautifully renovated interior and mirror-polished exterior, Morning Breeze is probably the coolest Airstream in the universe. She has the seemingly magical ability to make the stress of the rest of the world fade away. She can also make any wedding or outdoor event into an unforgettable experience. Whether you tow it yourself or have us deliver, you will never forget this impeccable gem.



We are Layne and Jenna, Jordan and Sarah, and we are friends who started Redempta Rentals out of a love for seeing things get a second chance. We thought it would be fun to save a dilapidated old Airstream from the junkyard, but little did we know that what seemed like a simple project would became a life consuming restoration. When we realized that spending time in the Airstream had the uncanny ability to turn ordinary gatherings into unforgettable memories, we knew we had to restore and share other vehicles and make such memories accessible to everyone. We invite you to come be a part of our story as we redeem classic vehicles, destined for the scrap heap, and share them with the world.

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