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New Floors Make All The Difference

Finally the time has come for new floors!!!!

This was one of the first things we did to make the trailer really start to become "New". Don't get me wrong, pulling out rat poop, ripping down nasty old cabinets, and patching rotten floors all felt good, but laying down all new floor was such an emotionally satisfying experience.

We used a waterproof glue down vinyl chosen for durability and crazy good looks.

It took all day to lay the vinyl down because there were so many curves and cutouts, but we absolutely love the final results.

Unfortunately we did not let the vinyl "adjust to the climate" so it shrank after we installed it. Acording to a professional vinyl guy, we should have opened the boxes and laid out the tiles for a few days before installing them in order to give them a few days to air out and shrink down.

Oh well, we "grouted" the gaps with a grey silicone and they look great, so no problem.

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