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Replacing the Queen size pull out bed

Before and after images are really wonderful:

original airstream bed

The original Pull out bed was dark and dingy, the slides did not work at all, and the custom fit mattress was totally rotten. So to replace it we decided to go with an entirely new concept built from scratch.

The new bed is on the other side of the trailer and it is essentially a giant chest on hydraulic struts with a foot that kicks out to allow the cushions to lay out into a queen size mattress.

We ended up sewing all the mattress parts by hand as well as making the base from plywood and blond maple.

We first made a white prototype base frame and then rebuilt it with nice wood once we had the geometry down.

Sewing the box cushions took about 12 hours and making the base took another 12, so it was a good sized project, but we are very happy with the results

I was super tired by the end of it.

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