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It's Wine Time

So we are renting the airstream in a few weeks to a local company to use as a concession location at a crafts fair. We were so excited that somebody was interested in using Morning Breeze in this creative new way, so we we decided to make some new additions to add even more to the event.

We built two bar tables that can connect to hardware under the windows. We also made a chalkboard sign that is illuminated with bistro lights that match the awning. The sign is cool, but I am most excited about the bar tables. They look nice and they are very sturdy and they really make it easy to display items for an event such as this. They ended up turning out really cool and we will probably use them for camping as well as for concessions. It is so convenient to have a place to set things, when you are standing around talking and I have a feeling that these tables will support many a beer bottle over the coming years.

We wanted to do a test setup to make sure that it would work well for the customer and we could not be more happy with how it turned out. The only problem was that we should have invited a bunch of friends over to help us drink the wine!

The backs of the bar tables have felt on them to protect the aluminum, and when we tow the airstream they can be put inside on the floor. They just hang on hooks.


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