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1969 Cobra Replica

This black 1969 Shelby Cobra replica, painstakingly built over a 4 year period, perfectly captures the beauty and power of the legend. Caution: driving this car makes it almost impossible to stop smiling from ear to ear. Park it anywhere and you will see people walk past Ferraris and Lamborghinis to take selfies in front of this beautiful beast. It was built with a focus on luxury, from an ergonomic leather wrapped steering wheel, to plush hand sewn upholstery. The manual transmission is incredibly tight and the clutch is perfectly tuned to be as light as possible for a V8 engine. Power steering and excellent suspension give the car phenomenal handling.  Most Cobra replicas do not have self-canceling turn signals, or even a horn button in the steering wheel, but this one has all the controls we take for granted in modern cars. Few Cobras have enough trunk space to fit a carry-on bag, but this has one actually has space for two suitcases, or even a golf bag. Anyone familiar with the genre will immediately recognize the great pains that went into making this car civilized without compromising on its racing heritage or classic beauty.

It is built with many OEM period components so there are a few idiosyncrasies associated with cars of the era (such as bouncing fuel gauge and speedometer, unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust, and 3-5 second cranking time for ignition) None of these detract from the incredible experience of driving the Cobra and are just a part of the experience of such classic cars.

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