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How it Works
Rental Policies


          -When you reach out to us we will put a temporary hold on the vehicle for 48 hours. If you would like to reserve the vehicle, just let us know and we will solidify the booking. We ask that if you have a reservation and have a change of plans, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can open the dates back up for someone else.


          -Billing can be completed through an online invoice, through a credit card, over the phone or in person, or with a personal check at least one week in advance of rental. For private customers, payment is due at or before the beginning of the rental. Wedding professionals can opt for net 30 billing. 

Security deposit:

          -All vehicles require a $1000 security deposit at the time of rental which is refunded on return of the vehicle.

Where are cars and trailers located? 

          -Vehicles are located in Santa Barbara, California. They are in private garages across the city. If you are picking up a vehicle we will send you the storage address for that particular vehicle 48 hours before the rental is scheduled.

Do I Pick up the vehicle or is it delivered?

          -Trailers: You can be pick it up for free at our storage location (assuming you and your tow vehicle are approved for towing) or they can be delivered. We charge a standard delivery fee of $100 in the santa barbara area. This is basically anywhere from El Capitan to Carpinteria.

          -Cars: You can pick it up for free from our storage location or it can be delivered for a flat rate of $30 each way in Santa Barbara and goleta.

          -Custom Quotes: We regularly deliver further distances for very reasonable rates. Contact us for a custom delivery quote.

Am I qualified to rent?

          -All renters must be pre-approved by Redempta Rentals prior to taking possession, but generally we require: a valid US driver's license, proof of insurance, you must be at least 25 years old, and you must confirm competence to safely operate the vehicle you are requesting. For example, we won't rent a manual transmission vehicle to someone who only has experience driving an automatic.

Does Redempta Rentals provide insurance?

          -All of our vehicles are covered with a commercial renter's policy up to $1,000,000 Liability as well as collision to cover the vehicle with a $1,000 deductible. This insurance is included in the cost of the rental. This insurance only extends to approved drivers, so if a renter allows an unapproved person to rent the vehicle, the renter will be fully liable for any damage.


         -All forms of smoking/vaping tobacco or cannabis are completely prohibited in all vehicles. Any vehicles returned with evidence of smoke or smelling of smoke will be charged an automatic cleaning fee of $250.

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