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Another Sunset by the beach

Sunsets are awesome!

Sunsets by the beach are awesomer!

Sunsets by the beach while relaxing with friends in your airstream.... Well that is a very nice way to spend a fall evening.

We recently rented our airstream to a lovely group of girls from Australia. We set it up for them in a great spot at Rincon Beach park. This was one of the last campgrounds in Southern California where you could just drive up and everything was first come first serve. We pulled in on a friday afternoon expecting it to be all booked up, but just as we got there somebody was leaving.

The girls had a great time surfing and just relaxing by the beach, and when they left on Sunday afternoon we went down and just continued to enjoy the airstream with our friends.

The sunset was one of those perfect ones where you just enjoy being together.

happy camping.

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